BE Lightning…

Dear Reader,

As you can see, I have changed my site – removed all my previous blog postings and began anew.

Sometimes fresh starts are what a soul needs and mine has needed it ever so desperately.

My life has changed drastically since I first put pen to paper in January, but I think perhaps yours has too. I bet if we sat across from one another you would have a similar story to mine.

Each year at the beginning of year I spend some time meditating and praying about the year ahead. Sometimes I get a word to describe the year ahead, sometimes a phrase. This year in my journal I wrote down these words:

Everything in your life will change this year.

I am not sure if you are like me but I often try and FIGURE out what this means. I am almost never successful in this attempt but nevertheless I try.

I had thoughts that maybe I would change careers.

I thought perhaps things in my marriage would change.

I even thought maybe by the end of the year I would retire having hit the big LOTTO. Just kidding. I did not really think that BUT man I like that plan. That plan feels fun and easy!

AND the truth is as I sit here writing nothing is really the same. I mean, I still live in the same home. I still do the same job. I am still married to the same man (that was a WHOLE uphill battle this year). My kids are still the same.

BUT the truth: everything is different. I am different.

And I have had to let go of lot.

Some relationships.

Some beliefs.

Some ideals.

Some plans.

AND in the letting go I changed. I see the world different. I actually did not think it was possible to see so drastically different, but I AM a walking breathing example of it.

I walked into 2020 confined to rules and expectations.

I am exiting this year figuring out my own rules and letting go of expectations.

I was never born to be conventional. I was born to be lightning.

We actually all are.

We are meant to blaze forth light at such an intense rate that the darkness, the thick clouds won’t know what hit them.

I wrote this as my central theme to my new blog today and I plan to write from this space. A space of knowing that sometimes the brightest lights come in the darkness moments.

“The lightning shines forth through the darkened clouds. It has always been there illuminating the sky with its might and power. Every season. Every generation there was always lightning. It brightens all it touches and sometimes set things ablaze. We too can be lightning – shining forth in the darkness setting the whole earth ablaze.”

I do not know about you but I sure as shit do not want to let the clouds of 2020 consume me. I want to crack forth with such fiery light that no one even looks at the clouds because everything is illuminated by the light.

I also see that this space needs to be a space about you and about what you want to read. What matters to you. I cannot make it about me. This talent of writing was never meant to be for me. It was meant to be sent out and bless. Not go in and consume.

So, if you do not mind, I would love to get some input. Tell me what you want to hear or maybe just need. Tell me what would help you break through those clouds and be the light yourself. I know I won’t have all the answers, but I will give you what I have. So, leave a comment or reply on social media. I will collect your input and write from there.

And today, I will leave you with this:

There is a great vast amount of life within us all. Sometimes the light scares us, so we hide it. Sometimes we let it out only to realize it makes others uncomfortable. And sometimes we do not even know we possess it at all. BUT the light it has always been there waiting patiently to be let out. LET GO & BE LIGHTNING.

Kara Jess

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